ARQUID | Polideportivo Altza

Altza sports center

Client: Altza Municipality
Location: San Sebastián, Spain
Area: 2200 m2
Budget: Confidential
Status: Finished
Planning: 2014 (1 month)

The purpose of this competition was to design and define the new sports center in Altza, a neighborhood with an important social life and use of public space.

The main idea was to respect the surrounding scale of the plot by proposing a low profile building. In order to achieve this, all the sports facilities are placed in an underground volume, leaving a public square on the ground level for open air activities. The existing swimming pool area and equipment is preserved for sustainable and economic purposes. A lightweight canopy covers the main entrance and the summer swimming pools.

The main criteria for selecting materials are durability, low maintenance and energy efficiency, pursuing the right between economics and aesthetics.