ARQUID | SkyMarcket


Cliente: LatVijas Arhitektu Savieniba
Area: 500 m2 + 3000m2
Budget Plan: Architectural competition
Planning: 1 month


The leading point of the idea is to create a building image which both fits SKY´s brand image and enables it to be built anywhere in northern countries such as Latvia and Russia. Countries where nature is meant to be milestone, where people can actually feel linked to it. Temperature, air, freshness, water… elements which build up the space we walk on, we go through. Light, shining, reflected colors, mobility, Bubbles as an expression of it all. Nature features mirrored by spheres, as intangible, almost immaterial shapes.

Bubbles play with light. They look complex, but follow the simple and symmetric laws of nature.

This shape establish a dialogue with the surrounding area reflections and refractions enables the visitor to see both, what is inside and outside.