ARQUID | Viviendas Hotel Communal

Viviendas Hotel Communal

Client: Commune de Flemalle.
Area: 1300 m2 + 5000m2
Budjet Plan: Confidential
Planning: Current

Project for the development of housing for a community in Belgium. Arquid in collaboration with IPS SPAIN (part of the IPS GROUP) presents a competition to design and develop the project 8 semi-public housing units at an existing plot.

The project seeks to take advantage of natural light in the area, at a premium, orienting homes to get the most of natural light.

The houses are with Nordic aesthetics and philosophy of pitched roofs, massive walls to get the thermal inertia and well-targeted opening to private areas.

Collaboration with IPS engineering SPAIN in Development of the feasibility study, license management, technical project development, construction supervision and facilities, cost control and planning.